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T. Deniz Uludag, PhD, AM.ASCE

Tunc Deniz Uludag is a structural engineer with a PhD from University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He works at Martin/Martin, Inc. in Lakewood, Colorado, specializing in performance-based and seismic design. He is an associate member of ASCE and serves in the ASCE/SEI 7 - Main Committee and Seismic Subcommittee for the 2028 cycle. He is also the secretary of the NCSEA seismic committee and vice chair of the SEAC seismic committee, also, a moderator at ATC/FEMA training program. He has researched structural dynamics and seismic energy devices. He has participated in post-earthquake reconnaissance missions and shared his insights with the engineering community. He is a passionate volunteer who encourages the younger generations by giving sessions on what structural engineers do.

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