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In January of 2020, ASCE Colorado released their report card for the state's infrastructure.  Our world (including how we use our infrastructure) has changed significantly since 2020.  Because so much has changed, it is time to gather a group of the state's best and brightest civil engineers to understand the current status of our state infrastructure.


If you are interested in participating through either research, digging through data, writing up chapters, or promoting our report card after its release, please email our current secretary Deniz Uludag at  Our kickoff event will be on June 8th.

We still need volunteers for Solid Waste!!  Help lead the effort on understanding and reporting on the current state of Colorado recycling, composting, and waste.

Take a look at our full 2020 report card here!

We also are looking to partner with federal, state, and local entitites to provide input and review for our chapters.  Please send Deniz an email if you want to be externally involved as well.

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